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UV Protection Sun Hat [FREE SHIPPING]

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The perfect gift for anyone in your life! (Friend, Family or Travel Buddy)

Why People Choose GoodYouCo's UV Protection Sun Hat

People know that they need to protect their skin from the sun's rays, but most don't know why... 

Unprotected sun exposure can lead to a range of serious health issues, including skin cancer, melanoma, premature aging, and the development of wrinkles!

Your skin's well-being is at stake.

Fortunately our Sun Protector hat has made a world of difference to hundreds of our friends by shielding them from the suns harmful effects.

Remember, not all fabrics provide the same level of sun protection. At GoodYou Co, we understand this crucial distinction.

With our UPF50+ rating you can rest assured that our garments provide a level of protection equivalent to SPF50+ sunscreen, without the need for constant reapplication.

Look stylish taking charge of your skin's safety.

Your skin deserves it.

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Maximum Sun Protection

Our Sun Protector hat is a game-changer for countless friends. Offering them unmatched defence against premature aging, skin cancer, melanoma and wrinkles.

With UPF50+ rating, equal to SPF50+ sunscreen, our hats provide maximum protection. Freeing you from the hassle of reapplying sun cream. Embrace a stylish, confident glow without worrying about sun damage.

Your skin deserves it.

Tailored for Her

Our sun hats are designed with women in mind.

This means no more tangled hair thanks the ponytail hole!

The adjustable elastic drawstring keeps it on your head even on windy days. Enjoying staying cool and dry with the integrated moisture-wicking sweatband, two-side mesh panels, and breathable crown fabric.

Perfect For Summer

Perfect for outdoor activities like beach trips, gardening, poolside lounging, fishing, safari adventures, hiking, camping , travel, and more.

Our sun hat will be your go-to accessory ALL SUMMER LONG!

Packable And Light

Our easy-to-carry design allows you to fold and pack in your bag.

  • Shelly N. from Brighton

    "I  bought the sun hat for me for going on hikes in blue and loved it so much! It is comfortable and no worry about sunglasses slipping off while walking. I bought one for my daughter in red because she loved mine so much. She loved how lightweight and breathable it is. Lastly, I bought one in white for my granddaughter who lives in Hawaii, as he is in sun all the time. This hat is for all ages, it’s well made, practical yet so cute. We love it!!!"

  • Jotika Y. from Chicago

    "Absolutely love this sunhat is so comfortable and protected my whole face from the since so well. I love the pony tail hole since it’s so hot outside I was able to put my hair up without any issue. Tons of compliments from people! I'm already planning to buy other colors. The adjustable band protected my hat from flying away beautifully. I just love this product."